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A fan of surrealism, French artistic director Nicolas Obéry set out to create a collection of artworks that teeter between real and fantasy.

The result: “FANTASMAGORIK”, a series of black and white numeric portraits, each portrait composed of smaller, digital sculptures. Although coinciding sometimes with the trends of SteamPunk and Geekdom, Nicolas’ main goal was to recreate a parallel, surreal world by reinterpreting and reproducing mythical elements and characters.


Using Photoshop as his main toolbox, Nicolas draws and sculpts small, intricate objects to create a library of images (hair, flowers, tubes, eyes, mouths, animals, insects,…). He then pieces images together to create the final artworks.

Superman, Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga, Elvis, Hellboy, and the Lego Man are just a handful of familiar faces born again from Nicolas’ unbridled imagination.


From who does Nicolas draw inspiration? The list is long and includes Salvador Dali, Arcimboldo, Magritte, Philippe Pasqua, Oleg Dou, Smirkmasks, and Kris Kuksi.

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Nicolas Obéry - Tél. 06 17 32 20 39

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